Role of the Word Master

The Wordmaster selects the Word for the Day and tallies the number of times the Word was correctly used during the meeting. The word should be chosen to help all members expand their vocabularies through introduction of a new word or re-emphasis of an abused or misused one. The Toastmaster of the Meeting will ask the Word Master for the word before the Table Topics session begins.

When giving the word, the Word Master should be sure to pronounce it correctly, spell it, give the definition of the word, and give examples of correct uses of the word in sentences. The Word Master can also write the word on a poster for display during the meeting. During the rest of the meeting, the Word Master should keep a list of all Toastmasters who use the word and the number of times it is used by each. If the word is used incorrectly or mispronounced, the Wordmaster should also note this so that it can be corrected during the Word Master's report.

Near the end of the meeting, the General Evaluator will ask for a report from the Word Master. This report should take less than 1 minute and should be delivered from a standing position near the Word Master's seat.

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