Role of the Vote Counter

The vote counter tallies votes for:

x Best Table Topics Speaker

x Best Speaker

x Best Evaluator.

The vote counter should rank all participants in each category, but should not include the vote counter's vote except in case of a tie. This insures that the result of balloting will never be a tie.

The Presiding Officer will ask for the results of balloting near the end of the meeting. The Vote Counter should give the results from a standing position near the Vote Counter's seat. Please do not give the number of votes for each person, just the name of the winner in each of the three categories.

The vote counter should count the votes as soon as they are received, so that presentation of the awards is not delayed. While the Toastmaster of the Meeting or General Evaluator should invite all members to vote, some members may choose not to do so. If you, as Vote counter, receive 17 votes when 20 members are present, don't be surprised.

Some members also pass their short evaluations to the vote counter. These should be passed on to the appropriate speaker.

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