Role of the Table Topics Master

The Table Topics Master provides the impromptu speech topics for the meeting. The Toastmaster-of-the-Meeting will relinquish control of the lectern to the Table Topics Master who should remain at the lectern during the Table Topics Session. The Table Topics theme should usually coincide with the theme of the meeting. The Table Topics Master may wish to make a few brief, appropriate comments explaining his topics in general and even briefer ones for the specific topics.

The topics should be given, then the Topics speaker's name called. This helps everybody's listening ability since no one knows who will be called. Be careful about editorializing after the speaker has finished with the subject. If you'd like an opposing view, ask another Toastmaster to take the opposite view. Mini-debates can make interesting Table Topics.

Four Table Topics should be enough for the meeting. Depending on the number of prepared speakers, the Toastmaster-of-the-Meeting may ask for more or fewer. Toastmasters who do not have a speaking part on the program, or who have only a minor part should be given Table Topics. The Toastmaster-of-the-Meeting, the General Evaluator the Prepared Speakers and the Evaluators should be avoided since they already have major roles. Non-Toastmaster guests should not be given a topic except by prior consent, then please do not call on them first.

Table Topics should be chosen to challenge, but not embarrass the topic speakers. They should be specific enough to be clear, but broad enough so that any Toastmaster will understand, and should have some thoughts on the subject (Everybody is not familiar with your favorite sports hero, and could not intelligently address the question of why they made a major error their last game.)

Remember, the purpose of Table Topics is to give other members the opportunity to speak impromptu so keep your remarks very brief.

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