Role of the Grammarian

The Grammarian should listen attentively throughout the meeting and should note:

x Filler words (like"uh", "an", "ah" or combinations thereof)

x Pet words or phrases ("okay", "and then", " as you know", "for example")

x Mispronunciations, incorrect use of words

x Verbs and nouns whose tense do not agree

x Repetitive and redundant words, eg. "refer back to"

x Exceptionally good word selection and pronunciation

The Grammarian does not need to hunt for mistakes, only note those which are distracting to an attentive listener. The General Evaluator will ask for the Grammarian's report. The report should be given from a standing position near the Grammarian's seat. The report should not exceed 2 minutes.

The grammarian has a great deal of leeway in assigning fines. Normally, the fine is five cents per error, with a maximum of twenty-five cents. Just remember:
 the primary purpose of these fines is to help members improve their speaking habits, not to make the Treasurer happy.

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