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Upon joining a Toastmasters Club, a member will progress through a series of 10 speaking assignments in the Basic Communication Program designed to instill a basic foundation in public speaking. These speeches are:
x The Ice Breaker
x Speak with Sincerity
x Organize Your Speech
x Show What You Mean
x Vocal Variety
x Work with Words
x Apply Your Skills
x Add Impact to Your Speech
x Persuade with Power
x Inspire Your Audience

When finished with this manual, a Toastmaster has earned the Competent Communicator (CC) award and moves on to the Advanced Communicaion Manuals that are geared to specific career needs.

Advanced Communication Program

The Entertaining Speaker (Item 226A) - We've all admired the delivery and timing skills of favorite comedians and actors. This manual presents projects that will help you develop your own unique skills.
x The Entertaining Speech
x Resources for Entertainment
x Make Them Laugh
x A Dramatic Talk
x Speaking After Dinner

Speaking to Inform (Item 226B) - Do you want to tell others about a new product, an important discovery, ways to enhance the quality of one's life? You'll learn how to effectively communicate your ideas after completing these projects.
x The Speech to Inform
x Resources for Informing
x The Demonstration Talk
x A Fact-Finding Report
x The Abstract Concept

Public Relations (Item 226C) - Whether we represent a large corporation or just ourselves, all of us participate in the business of public relations. Working on this manual will develop and boost your expertise in public relations.
x The Public Relations Speech
x Resources for Goodwill
x The Persuasive Approach
x Speaking Under Fire
x The Media Speech

The Discussion Leader (Item 226D) - Ready to lead? Both your speaking abilities and leadership skills will be enhanced with this manual.
x The Seminar Solution
x The Round Robin
x Pilot A Panel
x Make It Make Believe
x The Workshop Leader

Specialty Speeches (Item 226E) - For those times when you'll be asked to
x Speak Off the Cuff
x Uplift the Spirit
x Sell A Product
x Read Out Loud
x Introduce the Speaker

Speeches by Management (Item 226F) - The lack of effective communication at management level is a major source of problems in business and organizations today. After completing this manual, you'll be better equipped to encourage and influence others.
x The Briefing
x The Technical Speech
x Manage and Motivate
x The Status Report
x Confrontation: The Adversary Relationship

The Professional Speaker (Item 226G) - Talent, hard work, and practice are key attributes of the professional speaker, and the projects in this manual offer practice as well as insight into the competitive world of professional speaking.
x The Keynote Address
x Speaking to Entertain
x The Sales Training Speech
x The Professional Seminar
x The Motivational Speech

Technical Presentations (Item 226H) - The highly challenging speech assignments contained within this manual comprise a demanding set of assignments that will provide practical speaking experience for those geared toward technical careers.
x The Technical Briefing
x The Proposal
x The Nontechnical Audience
x Presenting a Technical Paper
x The Team Technical Presentation

Persuasive Speaking (Item 226I) - The ability to influence and persuade others to accept your ideas, products, or services is vital. These projects are all designed to help you develop excellent persuasive techniques and expand your persentation skills.
x The Effective Salesperson
x Conquering the Cold Call
x The Winning Proposal
x Addressing the Opposition
x The Persuasive Leader

Communicating on Video (Item 226J) - As the number of television networks continues to grow and diversify, the opportunities for communicating on television also increase. Be ready for these opportunities by mastering these projects.
x Straight Talk
x The Talk Show
x When You're the Host
x The Press Conference
x Training on Television

Storytelling (Item 226K) - Everyone loves a good story! The projects for this manual are designed to help you develop your own storytelling skills.
x The Folk Tale
x Let's Get Personal
x The Moral of the Story
x The Touching Story
x Bringing History to Life

Interpretive Reading (Item 226L) - Effective interpretive reading encourages your listeners to recreate, in their own minds,the characters and situations you present during your reading. These projects will help you plan presentations that will engage the imaginations of your audience members.
x Read a Story
x Interpreting Poetry
x The Monodrama
x The Play
x The Oratorical Speech

Interpersonal Communication (Item 226M) - Every day we interact with many different people in a variety of situations. The projects in this manual will help you combine new listening and thinking skills with your already established speaking skills.
x Conversing with Ease
x The Successful Negotiator
x Diffusing Verbal Criticism
x The Coach
x Asserting Yourself Effectively

Special Occasion Speeches (Item 226N) - Someday, sometime - whether attending your Club, a family event, or a business meeting - you will be expected to make a special speech. This manual will help you prepare for those times.
x Mastering the Toast
x Speaking in Praise
x Joining in The Roast
x Presenting an Award
x Accepting an Award

Houmorously Speaking (Item 226O) - Most people enjoy listening to public speakers and seminar leaders who use humor in their presentations. The projects in this manual offer practice in using humor in your speeches to attract and retain the audience's interest and to make points more effectively.
x Warm Up Your Audience
x Leave Them with a Smile
x Make Them Laugh
x Keep Them Laughing
x The Humorous Speech

The Better Speaker Series

x Beginning Your Speech - Suggestions for starting off your speech right.
x Concluding Your Speech - Tips for ending your speech with power.
x Take the Terror out of Talk - Techniques for overcoming nervousness when speaking.
x Impromptu Speaking - Don't be caught off balance when speaking off the cuff!
x Selecting Your Topic - Running out of speech ideas? Here's how to develop new ones.
x Know Your Audience - If you can relate to your audience, they will relate to you
x Organizing Your Speech - Once you know what to say, consider next the when and the how.
x Creating an Introduction - Great introductions should precede great speaches.
x Preparation and Practice - Techniques for preparing and rehearsing your next speech.

The Successful Club Series

x The Moments of Truth - How to recognize and deal with siturations critical to Club success, from a visitor's first impressions to recognition of member achievement. Includes a Club evaluation chart.
x  Finding New Members for Your Club - Proven methods to help you seek out those vital new members!
x Evaluate to Motivate - Your Club members will learn to give evaluations that benefit the speaker, the evaluator and the audience!
x Closing the Sale - Exercise your powers of persuasion during those moments when a guest is deciding to join.
x Creating the Best Club Climate - Techniques for creating and maintaining a healthy Club environment.
x Meeting Roles and Responsibilities - How members can succesfully fill each meeting role.
x Mentoring - A mentor program offers many benefits for your Club and its members. This program defines mentoring, explains benefits and discusses responsibilities of mentors. Includes a Club Mentor Program Kit for starting a mentor program in your Club.
x Keeping the Commitment - Discuss the 10 standards that comprise "A Toastmasters Promise." Includes 25 promise cards.
x Going Beyond Our Club - Find out about learning and leadership opportunities available to members in addition to regular Club meetings and activities.

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