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Northwestern Toastmasters was formed as a company club at Western Electric in 1959.

During the 1960's the Club was the Top Club in District 37 (North Carolina) for three consecutive years. The seventies yielded the first DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster) for the Club and the first District Governor as well as the first member to be elected to the International Board of Directors. Females began joining the club near the end of this decade.

The eighties were speech contest years. One of our members was first runner-up in the semifinals of the "World Championship of Public Speaking." Our members were instrumental in getting a Tall Tales Contest started in North Carolina. A member of Northwestern Toastmasters, as Division Governor, initiated the Area and Division Evaluation Contests and another Northwestern member went "all the way" in these first contestants.

The marriage in 1980 of a Northwestern member to a toastmaster from another new District resulted in a proliferation of new clubs in and around Winston-Salem. Another Member of Northwesternwas chosen Outstanding Toastmaster for the District.

In the 1990s we continued to proliferate and were continuous leaders in the District, even flirting with International Recognition. Two of our members served as District Governor. Several others served as Area and Division Governors. We twice hosted the most successful conferences in our district's history.

As we begin the new millennium our members continue to achieve in both communications and leadership skills as our club maintains the NWTM standard of excellence. This is shown by the awards our Members and Club continue to receive.

Just as an example, one of our members, in the spring of 2003, won the International Speech Contest at the Club, Area, Division and District levels and went on to compete at the Regional, the semi-fianals of Toastmasters International's International Speech Contest.

Some of the awards we have received include: --

(Please note, this list was taken from our Club Banner and is incomplete)

  Founder's Award
  Home Club of the Area Governor *
  Home Club of the Division Governor *
  Home Club of the District Governor *
  Foundation Award Patch (five)
  Toastmasters International Phoenix Award patch
  Annual Club Membership Award (three)
  Governor's 20 Club
1980 Get Into Action Top Club
1980 Getting Into Action 1980
1980 Governor's Select Club
1981 Governor's Distinguished Club
1982 Governor's Select Club
1983 President's Distinguished Club
1984 Governor's Distinguished Club
1985 President's Distinguished Club
1986 President's Distinguished Club
1987 Governor's Select Club
1988 President's Distinguished Club
1988 District 37 Distinguished Area
1988 Anniversary Month Award
1988 Getting Into Action
1988 District 37 Are You Listening Membership Award
1989 President's Distinguished Club
1989 Anniversary Month Award
1990 Select Distinguished Club
1991 Distinguished Club Program - Merit Award
1992 Select Distinguished Club
1993 Select Distinguished Club
1998 Select Distinguished Club
1998 Smedley Award
1999 Select Distinguished Club
2001 President's Distinguished Club
2002 President's Distinguished Club
2003 President's Distinguished Club
2004 President's Distinguished Club
2005 President's Distinguished Club
2006 President's Distinguished Club
2007 President's Distinguished Club
2008 President's Distinguished Club
2009 President's Distinguished Club
2010 President's Distinguished Club
2011 President's Distinguished Club
  * Only one of each is dispayed on our Club Banner

Note: In 2012 we decided to discontinue this list even though we continue to receive awards - mostly the annual "President's Distinguished Club" plus frequent "Home of the . . ." (Area and Division Governor.)

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