Our 50th Anniversary Meeting

At least 3 Toastmasters thought Table Topics Master Brian Davidson was clever.

Is Toastmaster Marcia Barney that serious or that sad?

Maybe Lance Kull told Marcia that it wasn't that bad.

Butch Barney says he'd fix it if he could.

Maybe we should just pray about it.

Throw it right here - I'll catch it!

Joel Schanker thinks it's funny.

Small wonder he thought it was funny - look at that blade!

A thumb's a small sacrifice for improved speaking.

Elaine Wiles, as Helen Blanchard, gets a real handshake and a smile!

Admiting women to Toastmasters in 1973 was a big step.

Pam Christopher wants to know what's in that hand first.

General Evaluator Don Barnett sure has a lot of notes!
Should the Toastmaster be smiling?

Before or after Brian was evaluated?

Princess Edwards won "Best Evaluator" of the evening

A benevolent General Evaluator, or is he thinking about ice cream?

Evaluator Barbara Schanker seems pleased with her speaker.

As an evaluator President Craig Thrift also gives his speaker something on which to reflect.

Vote counter Christa Neuhauser had really rather being doing her other job of co-photographer.

Resident humorist John Clark after his evaluation of Butch.

Meditating about Zoltan Rab's vote counting or Barbie Morgan's evaluation?

And the TM thanks the program participants - some with candy and some with a hug.

Wait, wasn't that the vote counter with the hug and the husband with the candy?

President Craig will end a great meeting.

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