We believe that participation is the key to progress - - while we seek Communication and Leadership Excellence in an Atmosphere of Fellowship and Fun.

We meet at Mayberry's (50 Miller Street in Winston-Salem, NC) at 6:30 pm on the first, third and fifth Tuesday of each month.

When You Become A Northwestern Toastmaster - - -

What You Get - -
From Toastmasters International:

  - New Member Package that contains Basic Communications Manual, Basic Leadership Manual, Your Speaking Voice Manual, Effective Evaluations Manual Gestures, Your Body Speaks Manual
- A monthly magazine - - The Toastmaster
From NorthwesternToastmasters:
  - Program Partipants Guide on our award winning web site. This guide gives detailed "how to" for each of the program responsibilities.
- Bi-monthly Newsletter - Northwest Words
- A Toastmaster Assistant (Mentor or Coach) - - an experienced Toastmaster who will assist you with any Toastmasters Challenge and will provide information about any of our programs or activities. Don't hesitate to ask for assistance!
What You Give - -
A conscientious effort by you to improve your communications and leadership ablilities while helping others likewise improve. A positive, constructive attitude and full participation in Club meetings are the responsibility of each member. Participation in Toastmasters activities outside the Club meetings is optional, but enouraged for those who wish to expand their communications and leadership horizions.

Northwestern Toastmasters is devoted to improving the communications and leadership ability of each member. We achieve this by mutual support, emphasis on outstanding evaluatons and maintenance of high standards for all members.

Opportunities to participate in Toastmasters activities outside the club, in leadership roles in the club and speech contest competitions are abundantly available.

Visitors and guests are ALWAYS welcome. You don't have to make a speech when you visit and there is no charge for visiting. After all, Toastmasters is a non-profit organization. However, Mayberry's is (hopefully) a for-profit business, so please plan on ordering a meal -- the prices are inexpensive.

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